My Style – Beauty & Chaos



      Weddings. They are a funny ol’ thing. Full of beauty. Full of chaos.  
      Take a bunch of your friends, add some family and a few awkward people whom you had to invite. Put them all in one room and watch the show.

      Weddings are a celebration and a wild party. A celebration of two people, of what has been and what will be. There are quiet moments when it’s just the two of you. Lost in your own little world. Nothing else matters. But it’s also a celebration of who helped to get you both to where you are now. It’s about friends and about family. The ones that are having the time of their life. The ones that drunk a bit too much.  The really young and the really old, asleep at the table.

      BEAUTY and CHAOS. This is what weddings are really about for me. As a photographer, I have this weird ‘fly on the wall’ view of the day. And I love it. I love the intimate moments of beauty with the bride and the groom. But I also LOVE the crazy moments of chaos. For me, the two go together like some sort of crazy, beautiful, intense, balls to the wall, happy, chaotic day. Let’s make some magic!!


      During the day it seemed like Kenrick had endless energy. Even at the end of the very long day he was still, literally running circles around us with sparklers to get the perfect night time shot. We could not have asked for more dedication!

      Before the wedding we were a bit wary of having to do awkward posing, but Kenrick made us feel so at ease during the day that a lot of the times we even forgot we were being photographed!

      Kaisa & Matt



My heart swells with so much joy when I look back on the day. Looking at the photos Kenrick produced, I can remember all those moments so vividly. We could not have chosen a better photographer to be a part of our day.

      He has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and does not put on a staged show at all. He makes things organic and has a way of blending in that people think he's just one of your mates.

      Scott & Alyssa


      We were drawn to Kenrick's real, raw and unmanufactured photos. It was important for us to have someone who captured our playful, quirky and emotional sides.

      We barely noticed him around at all. He encouraged us to be completely ourselves, and he had sneakily taken so many shots we had no idea. He was such a pleasure be to around (he's hilarious) and I we had the best day.

      Michelle & Kieran


      Crazy & fun but still professional and reliable. We felt very comfortable in all aspects. Thank you for being a part of our wedding, connecting with our guests and getting involved and having fun, our guests are still talking about how great you were.

      The perfect mix of posed and real photos, capturing everything we could ever need on the day…and those dance floor shots, what fun! Thank you!

      Rachel & Jeremy


      Behind that big burly beard, Kenrick is actually a crazy romantic and a big softy.
      He emits this energy and zest for life. It’s contagious!

      He is energized by people and he does get a little excitable and crazy. He always goes that extra mile!

      When you choose to have Kenrick photographing your wedding day, you also lock in a friend. Bonus.

      Jasmine - Kenrick's Wife