Sarah was a guest at Anthony & Sarah’s wedding last year, which I photographed and we got chatting about her upcoming wedding.

      The day began with the girls at the hair salon while the boys took it easy watching TV.  When Sarah arrived home there was a card and a gift from Matt (nice work Matt!).  After a beautiful ceremony at St Paul’s church and photos in a nearby heritage building, the bridal party headed to Westhaven waterfront for some final photos as the sun went down.  The reception was held in the Royal Yacht Squadron which was furnished with simple, well thought out details like bunches of dry lavender and wheat. The Yacht Squadron was a perfectly fitting location which has been a big part of Matt’s family for three generations.

      Matt and Sarah, thanks for having me along to share in your laughter and joy together. I love that you had a great time and smiled and laughed together for the whole day and Sarah I loved your dress.
      Thanks to Danelle Bourgeois for photographing the boys getting ready and second shooting for the day.

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